Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a
very serious condition that affects thousands
of cats every year. There are many causes of
IBD but no cure. The mission of this site is to
have as much accessible information on IBD
and the conditions and diseases that can
occur with it, in one place.
Welcome to IBD Kitties
Dedicated to my Alex
August 1996 - July 2008
IBD, Hepatic Lipidosis, Pancreatitis
Alex came a very long way to find me. She was in a Texas shelter
when my nephew adopted her and three other cats while in the
Army in 1996. He brought them all home to New England with him,
and all four cats lived with my sister when my nephew went
overseas. She never did like to be with other cats and was always
very nervous. My sister decided to give her to my tenant, an older
woman, who was looking for a lap cat. She ruined Alex as far as
I'm concerned. She fed her so much junk food she was very
overweight when I took her in.
Her Story
My tenant was dying of cancer at the same time as I was losing my cat Patches, who was 20 years old. Patches
lived a long happy life with us but had renal failure and was fading quickly. We decided to let her go peacefully at
the vets and it tore me apart. I didn't want another cat. I was too full of grief. I tried for two weeks to find Alex a
good home and I couldn't believe no one wanted her as she was the sweetest cat I'd ever seen. In the end, I
couldn't see her going to a shelter, I didn't think she'd survive. So I reluctantly took her in. We fell in love with
each other right away. She melted my heart and healed every part of my soul. Patches had been my child for 20
years but was never a loving animal. She was very temperamental and moody. I loved her very much regardless
and I accepted her for who she was. But Alex was my soul mate, the love of my life.

I immediately put her on a diet where she lost weight and looked good for awhile. Her digestive problems started
about six months later. She would vomit for an entire day and I'd have to give her some Pepcid AC to get her
system calmed down. The episodes would last only about a day. She became overweight again even though I
tried to feed her what I thought was good food and the right amount. I quickly found out what I thought was good
food was the worst possible thing to feed her.

In May of 2007 her vomiting became pretty bad. It lasted for days instead of just one day so I took her to the vet
to be checked out. The vet reprimanded me for Alex's weight which was 17 lbs. I didn't like it either but didn't
know what else to do. So I bought a baby scale and learned how to control her portions. Again, I bought her what
I thought was better food. The pet food recall happened in February of that year and I didn't have any of the
recalled cans, but different foods just kept getting recalled and poisoning more pets. So there's no way for me to
know if that was a cause or even added to the problem.

Then in February of 2008 everything went downhill. She started vomiting and couldn't stop. I took her in to the
vet and scheduled an ultrasound. Tests showed she had thickening of the small intestines and her liver was
bright red. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and an inflamed liver. That turned into hepatic
lipidosis in March of 2008 and then pancreatitis in June of 2008. After many months of severe ups and downs, I
finally lost her quite suddenly on July 10th. During the time she was sick I dedicated my every waking moment to
doing everything I could to help her. Now my mission is to help others learn how to care for their cats and how to
better arm themselves with knowledge about this disease.

I feel it's important to tell her story because the condition of IBD rarely stays the only condition. Whether it's the
disease itself or the medications, there are many things that factor in and will have to be treated for the rest of
your cat's life. But you have the advantage of finding this site. Because with trial and error, everyone contributing
to this site will be helping other cats live a longer and healthier life. Maybe someday we can even find a way to
avoid this disease altogether.

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Disclaimer: Although IBD Kitties and its contributors share our personal experiences, recommendations of
foods, medications, products, etc., these recommendations are not meant to take the place of veterinary advice,
as we are NOT veterinary professionals. This site is available to help you ask better questions and offer
additional knowledge to your veterinarian, as they oftentimes turn to us for more up to date and accurate
reporting on these issues. Much of the information on this site has not been written by veterinary professionals
and should not be considered a replacement for a veterinarian consultation. This site is for informative purposes
only and you should always seek the advice and treatment of a vet above all else.

Occasionally a cat may have an underlying health problem such as, but not limited to, kidney or liver disease,
that may be affected by some treatments and/or diet changes. Before trying any options that are
suggested on
this website, it is the sole responsibility of the pet parent/guardian to seek proper veterinarian diagnostic work-
up, care and treatments and to have your cat evaluated and treated for these conditions. Not every treatment or
diet works for every cat and it is your responsibility to monitor any changes that may occur during this process. If
you notice any negative reactions or changes, stop the treatment and/or food change and seek veterinary advice

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For Alex's complete medical history www.ibdkitties.net/Alexmedicalhistory.html
Copyright © IBD Kitties 2008-2014, all rights reserved
The information and recommendations on this website are NOT meant to take the
place of veterinary advice, as we are NOT veterinarians. It's here to help you ask
better questions and offer additional knowledge to your veterinarian as they often
times rely on us for more up to date and accurate reporting on these issues. Some
of the information on this site has not been written by a veterinarian and should not
be considered a replacement for a veterinarian visit. This site is for informative
purposes only, and you should always seek the advice and treatment of a vet above
all else. This site is dedicated to my beautiful girl who lost her battle on July 10,
2008 and will now serve, as well as so many others, as an example and my angel
guiding me to help others. Check back frequently as we're adding new information
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