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Even earplugs didn't work, I could not win! I love her dearly but this had to stop.This was causing
me to lose so much sleep, I was not able to concentrate during the day, I felt exhausted and
grouchy. I asked the makers of the calming collar if they could come up with something to help
me and voilà! A door sachet with the very same herbs used in the calming collars. The first night
I hung it on my door and closed it, I slept like a baby. And it's continued every night since. If you'd
rather leave your door open, try hanging it on your bedpost or somewhere near your bed. It
works BETTER than a Feliway, is less expensive and lasts much longer.

Because these are not yet sold on their website, you must go through IBDKitties, contact them at
this link and mention you saw the sachets here.

Prices are $15 (+ $4 s/h) for one, or $24 (+ $5 s/h) for a set of two sachets
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Who can't get any sleep
Now that the calming collar has helped me renew my relationship
with Finnegan, my Lacey was next. She's a big mouth at night, no
matter how much I play with her and try to wear her out during the
day. If I leave my bedroom door open, she walks on my head,
gets on my nightstand, bookcase, etc. and knocks everything off.
She just never stops yapping all night long. (It's funny but it's
really NOT funny after having this every single night). If I close
the bedroom door on her, then it's non stop pounding on my door
all night and morning and endless yowling at the top of her lungs.
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With a lot of stress and illness happening in my home, Finnegan began to act out by running away from me. He
was hiding a lot, cowering and acting very scared for no apparent reason. I tried everything to get him to calm
down; catnip, treats, sweet talk, kisses and he just got worse. It was very distressing and worrying to me and that
only made matters worse. I thought he'd never come back around. A friend of mine ordered him a calming collar
and rushed it to us. I had my doubts that anything could work that fast but I swear it's a miracle! Within a short
time of him wearing it his attitude changed completely and I saw the  fun and loving Finnegan coming back out.

These are NOT essential oils, they're dried herbs sewn into a collar made to fit your pet. It's very comfortable, he
has no trouble wearing it except that at first it's very strong so I suggest you air it out a little bit and only have
them wear it for a couple of hours a day.

I've only had to use it twice,  that's it! There's been a couple of times since then that I thought for sure I'd have to
put the collar back on and much to my surprise I didn't, he bounced right back. Collars are also made for motion
sickness and for keeping cool in hot weather. I think a collar like this would be invaluable to have especially for
sick kitties given the many trips to the vet, the medications and treatments they endure. If these had been
available to me when Alex was alive I would have absolutely purchased some. I'm very glad and comforted to
have it here knowing if I need to I can pull it out at any time and it will work! This product is better than a Feliway,
better than Rescue Remedy, better than anything else I've seen or tried. I'll never go without one again!