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I want to mention something that happened to me today. I went to Petsmart, was buying some litter and saw some toys that they have
up front for dogs. They looked like something Finney would like to play with so I bought it. I realized when I got home that because
they were in one of those thick clear plastic packages with the staples at the top, that it smelled absolutely horrid! I don’t know what
kind of chemicals they used on this stuff but oh my god! I’m actually still not feeling well from it. Seriously. I ended up throwing the
entire thing in the garbage outside and I still have a headache and feel nauseas. The smell was so strong I have been airing out my
house for the last 3 hours. I’m pretty chemical sensitive but never this bad. So I cannot imagine if people are actually letting their pets
play with these toys. This is a good lesson to actually make sure BEFORE you buy a pet toy that it’s not in one of these packages.
Otherwise don’t get it, it’s not worth the risk to any of you, fur or no fur.

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This is about cancer in pets and very encouraging for early detection:
Imaging Agents Offer New View of Inflammation, Cancer

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Just a Hairball? Or a Sign of Something Worse?

Sunday evening one of our members’ cat, Hunter, decided to sneak into a room he was not normally allowed into. When his mom
found him, he was chewing on a Lucky Bamboo plant. Upon checking the web to see if it was toxic she did find information that it
toxic. When she called the ER they said it wasn’t and the ASPCA website states that “regular bamboo” is not toxic. However, you
have to actually know the latin name of the plant to find that it is listed as toxic on the ASPCA site. I have written to them and explained
that they should correct this but haven’t heard back yet. Hunter was brought to the ER just in case and when she explained this
information to them, they had no idea it was toxic because it actually belongs to the Lily family. It’s not a true bamboo. I was not aware
of this, she was not aware of this and neither was the ER. SO! Here’s the information for everyone to keep on hand:

Lucky bamboo is toxic to cats when chewed or eaten. Also known as dragon tree or Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo belongs to a
family of toxic plants that includes Easter lilies and garden lilies. Lucky bamboo contains botanical substances similar to chemical soap
called saponins. When cats eat toxic bamboo, the saponins cause dilated pupils, vomiting (with or without blood), anorexia and
excessive salivation. Cats that exhibit any of these symptoms should be taken to a vet immediately.
Is Bamboo Leaves or Plant Poisonous To Cats? What Are Their Symptoms?
Be advised that if you call the ASPCA Poison Control it’s a $65 charge!!! Unbelievable!!! Call the ER, it’s free.

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This is VERY good and has some tips I never thought of
Take the time to find the right veterinarian

Just to prove I am not immune to making mistakes like this, I had a devil’s ivy plant in my hallway for the last 10-15 years. This plant
grew like crazy! When I got Finney and Lacey, I let them play in the hallway at night so they can run up and down the stairs and get
out some of that night time energy. Not realizing how tall Finnegan was going to get, I had to start cutting the length off of the plant
and keeping the trails very short. A few times he easily pulled down some of the strands and chewed on the leaves a bit. Mind you,
that was LAST year so he’s fine thank goodness. Not a hint of it even bothering him, I was lucky. Since the incident with Kelly’s Hunter
where he chewed on some Lucky Bamboo, I decided to double check the safety of this plant. Shock to me because I thought it was
safe but it is NOT safe at all. I’m so lucky nothing happened to him whatsoever and yes, the plant is gone! None in the house at all,

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