I’m pleased to announce that we’re offering a 10% discount on calming collars here on IBD Kitties. If you don’t
know what a calming collar is please go to http://ibdkitties.net/giftshops.html for the discount and Finney’s story
of why he needed one. This thing amazed me immediately and I’m a skeptic about things working that well and
that fast! But it DOES! These collars are perfect for sick kitties especially due to all the vet visits, stress, anxiety
and medications. They also make some for motion sickness due to car rides and also one for keeping cool in the
summer. If you have any questions about them let me know.

Something that may help some IBD kitties and others as well. Cerenia is used for vomiting/nausea, but they're
realizing it has anti-inflammatory properties. It may be worth looking into, possibly to help reduce prednisone.
This blog belongs to a veterinarian:
I Couldn’t Live Without: Cerenia

Atherton police dog dies after eating leaves of popular sago palm plant

Extra pounds can weigh heavily on animal's health

GREAT article!
Some Startling New Thoughts on Cats and Hairballs

Great! Just what we need! Another form of Coccidia.
UW professor and student find something exciting ... A new parasite!

Great article and has a phone number for the FDA
Trying to Keep Pets Safe from Tainted Foods

Pet Vet: Indoor or outdoor cat?

Very thorough explanation of the toxins in this article and why they pose a threat.
Veterinary Q&A: Chocolate, rat poison, slug bait, marijuana and antifreeze are common toxins for pets

This is something to watch out for in pets as well
E. Coli O157 Increases Risk of Diabetes

Could a Probiotic Pill Decrease Listeria Risk?

I stumbled onto this vet’s ask a question site and really love all of his answers to these people. He’s very
thoughtful and educated:
Between a rock and a hard place

FDA has a new blog: FDA Voice

These are also very good tips that I haven’t thought about before:
Think Snow Safety for Pets

Minnesota researchers on the cusp of a diabetes cure

Thank you to Natalie for providing me with these links! Please read both of these, it’s very important.
Pepto-Bismol and Kaopectate are both toxic to cats and dogs because they contain salicylates (NSAIDs),
which is similar to aspirin.

The other day I was on another forum I’m on and this poor man was so upset. His cat of five years had suddenly
attacked his newborn baby! He and his wife freaked out of course! The baby is okay, just minor scratches but as
you can imagine it was traumatic for the baby, the parents and yes, even the kitty. The cat had never, ever
shown any aggression before this. But this does happen. I did some research and came across some great sites
about how to prepare your cat for bringing home a new baby and handling the changes in the household for
everyone. Both of these sites have information about all kinds of cat behavior, not just to do with babies but with
other cats, people, etc.
Bringing Home Baby

This is very alarming to me. I’ve always known that the pollution content was higher here in the northeast. My
lungs tell me so! Now nature is suffering greatly in all forms. Read the entire article.
Mercury’s Harmful Reach Has Grown, Study Suggests

Veterinary Q&A: Food allergies

Selecting the Right Environmental Enrichment for Your Cat

I need to let you all know a few things if you’re a home owner. It’s extremely important to get your furnace and
your oil tank filter cleaned and serviced if not yearly, then every two years! This month has been very hard for us
financially but most importantly everyone in my house, including our cats, could have died. Our oil tank filter was
so filthy it was jammed and was spewing petroleum fumes throughout the house badly! We’d all been feeling
nauseas and lethargic. I smelled it immediately because even though I’m a human I seem to have been born with
a bloodhound’s capability to smell. (And that’s not a plus, trust me). Because the oil was not feeding properly into
the furnace due to BOTH of them being filthy it was causing a lot of fumes to escape, the furnace finally broke
during 15 degree weather and we were forced to open all the windows in the house and freeze while letting the
fumes out. The repairman came immediately and told my dad (who is 84 and really just forgets these kinds of
things), that the Co2 level was supposed to be -250 and it was now at 0. We were on the cusp of a disaster.
Luckily yours truly is smarter than the average elderly dad and I have Co2 detectors on every floor including the
basement and they are always kept up to speed as far as battery changes. Most likely those would have went off
but as he explained, sometimes you’re so out of it, you don’t even hear them, it’s not fool proof. We’d just had to
get a new water heater put in a week before this because that broke down also. So you can imagine I was afraid
my dad was about to have a stroke with all of this. We’re all okay but I’m going to be doing some detox stuff on
everyone, including the cats just to make sure. I have asthma and I’ve noticed my breathing a lot worse since this
incident. But my sister’s cat Midnight lives downstairs and is already not well so this was not doing her any
favors at all. Since cats have a much stronger sense of smell I can’t imagine what this has done to her. I can only
hope it hasn’t done too much damage. I’ve shared this with all of you to show you that even though these
services to your home can be expensive, it’s not worth losing, or almost losing, your lives and/or your pet’s lives.
We’re very, very lucky and everything is fine now (knock on wood).

This lady and her pets are not members of our newsletter but I wanted to talk about this. Yesterday I found out
that one of my favorite kitties on Catster had passed away 3 weeks ago in a horrible way. The family live in a
nice country home with land and yes, they were allowed outside. It’s just as dangerous for cats to be outdoors in
a rural setting as it is in the city. I know for some of you who rescue MANY cats it’s not possible to have them
stay inside. This is a household of only 3 (now 2) kitties. Apparently she found him in a field of grass between
hers and the neighbors house. The neighbor’s two dogs had mauled him to death. I can’t tell you how traumatic
this has been for her and for all of us who know them, we are devastated! She’s now got to retrain her other two
cats to stay inside because she doesn’t trust her neighbors anymore and she’s obviously afraid. Frankly I think
that if those dogs are that vicious, something should be done to contain them from running around free but that’s
for her to pursue if and when she’s ready. Her other cats are now clambering and driving her nuts to go outside
and it’s going to be difficult to keep them in. The best compromise would be for walking harnesses to take them
out daily. It’s a good reminder of why it’s safer for your babies to stay inside and if you take them out, they
shouldn’t roam free. There are so many ways now to let your kitties go out without subjecting them to this kind of
danger. I know it’s very hard to keep them amused being indoors all the time, believe me I know! But it’s better
than the alternative.
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